Since we introduced the rain proofed version of Wireless Tag Pro in February, the product has been a great success. A thick layer of silicone based conformal coating, precisely applied on portions of internal circuit board, allows the tag to be used outdoors or in high humidity area, while still be able to measure ambient humidity. The silicone coating has proven to be a lasting protection against corrosion over the wide temperature range supported by the tag (-40°C - 85°C). 

Update September 23, 2016: We now have stock of both Wireless Tag Pro rain proof w/ 2048 point memory and Wireless Tag Pro rain proof w/ 8192 point memory for immediate shipment. 

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  • Posted by Dave T on February 24, 2018

    Really want the rain proof version, 2048 desired, 8192 OK too.
    When will I be able to buy some?
    How can I be notified when available?
    Thanks, building multiple systems.

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