External Power Sensor ALS

Requires an Ethernet Tag Manager

For ambient light, temperature and humidity monitoring and logging. 

With flexible power source, you can connect much larger capacity, rechargeable batteries vs. the 225mAh CR2032 non-rechargeable battery used in regular Wireless Tags. For example, use the 1000mAh rechargeable battery bundle for 4x longer battery life (at least 2 years in room temperature, less in freezing temperature) than regular tags.  You can connect even larger battery or battery holder for inexpensive AAA batteries. 

Or, just plug into wall for "zero-maintenance". If you also connect a rechargeable LiPo battery at the same time, built-in battery charger will keep the battery charged, which will immediately work as back up power when the building power fails. 

"3rd generation" micro-controller improves reliability thanks to low-power "brown-out reset" which eliminates accidental flash memory write, among other enhancements. Newly designed and FCC certified antenna achieves 700-m free space range.

When tag manager is not available (because of building power failure, Internet outage, etc), logged data are stored in non-volatile memory (NVM) unlike regular Wireless Tag Pro which uses SRAM (data is lost when battery is removed).  Because of the NVM, data will not be lost when USB or battery is unplugged.  Only after the cloud confirms complete and successful data upload and storage, that the logged data in the NVM is erased. 

Since tag configuration ​(e.g. logging interval) are also stored in the NVM, upon reconnecting power, logging resumes automatically without configuration from the Tag Manager (which is done behind the scene via the cloud for other types of sensor tags). 

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  • Temperature logging and monitoring (resolution and accuracy depends on option)
  • Enhanced temperature monitoring (Learn more)
  • Air humidity logging and monitoring (resolution and accuracy depends on option)
  • Ambient brightness logging and monitoring
  • Logging interval programmable from 30 seconds to 4 hours. The "transmit multiple data points at a time" mode improves battery life and allows shorter logging interval
  • Stores 8156 points of lux + temperature + humidity in non-volatile memory (NVM). 
  • Long wireless range allows placing inside most refrigerators/freezer to monitor temperature and humidity
  • Out-of-range/back-in-range notification
  • Unlimited storage of logged temperature and humidity data on cloud (can be deleted any time)
  • 700ft+ wireless range in open space. Use from PC/Mac through a web browser, mobile app push notification: iOS 9.0 and above, Android 5 and above.


  • There are many cheap LiPo battery packs on Amazon that have "+" and "-" wired incorrectly. Here are examples of correct polarity. Please mind the "+" and "-" marked on the casing of this product. Connecting the battery with opposite polarity can cause fire and permanently damage this product.
  • Many USB "power bank" are designed to rapidly charge phones. They have automatic shut-off that triggers when the power draw is very small like is the case with this product. Therefore they cannot be used to power this product. One exception is this USB power bank

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