Outdoor Probe Thermocouple 2.0

Update (April 2023): Now uses non-volatile local memory to prevent loss of recorded data when battery is removed. 

Requires an Ethernet Tag Manager

Outdoor Probe Thermocouple may connect one k-type thermocouple and one  DS18B20 digital temperature probe (up to 10m are tested). Instead of DS18B20, can connect I2C-based temperature+humidity probe such as SEN0385 (supported since July 2021), SEN0227 or other compatible SHT2x or SHT3x based probes such as this.  Can switch among connected thermocouple, DS18B20 and I2C based probes. 

You can connect any k-type thermocouple available on the market with the yellow colored (indicates it is k-type) Omega (also called "mini") connector. Some probe may require you to disassemble/reassemble the connector in order to pass through the cable gland (accepts up to 8mm diameter cable).  Our all-stainless steel probe (rated 0°C-400°C) can be purchased together and passed through the cable gland without disassembly. 

Depending on the type of thermocouple connected,  perfect for monitoring and logging temperature of dishwashers, ovens, BBQ pit, grills, engine CHT/EGT, extreme low temperature freezers, etc.  Learn more

Features (see also feature matrix)

  • Highly accurate Texas Instruments 16-bit ADC with +/-0.5°C error cold junction compensation reads k-type thermocouples specialized for very low or very high temperatures (vs. DS18B20 which is limited to -55~125°C)
  • Log and monitor probe tip temperature at 0.03125°C resolution (k-type thermocouple) or 0.0625°C resolution (DS18B20) 
  • Log ambient temperature (separately from probe tip) with 0.03125°C resolution and +/-0.5°C error 
  • With 8K points of local memory, temperature recording (external and internal) keeps running during a trip, power or Internet outage of up to 10 weeks (at 10-minute logging interval.) Put inside shipping container, vehicles, etc to log temperature throughout the trip. Automatically uploads the temperature data to cloud when back in range, and builds seamless graphs. Now uses non-volatile EEPROM to prevent loss of recorded data when battery is removed before or during data upload. 
  • Enhanced external temperature monitoring while in range (Learn more)
  • Logging interval programmable from 30 seconds to 4 hours. The "transmit multiple data points at a time" mode improves battery life and allows shorter logging interval. 
  • Out-of-range/back-in-range notification
  • Unlimited storage of logged temperature, humidity and motion event data on cloud (can be deleted any time)
  • Accepts probe(s) with cable diameter between 4mm and 8mm using attached cable gland to maintain IP68 rating
  • IP68 rated (completely water and dust proof)
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • 3 year limited warranty

Includes a 3.6V 1200mAh 1/2 AA battery (where to buy replacement) for reliable operation over a wide temperature range (-55°C to 85°C, vs. -30°C to 60°C of a regular CR2032 battery in other tags) and at least 5 year battery life at default 10-min logging interval.

 700ft+ wireless range in open space. Use from PC/Mac through a web browser, mobile app push notification: iOS 9.0 and above, Android 5 and above. 

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