PIR KumoSensor

Requires an Ethernet Tag Manager

High end ultra-low power Panasonic PIR sensor module (12m range, 102° x 92° viewing angle, see detection performance chart) achieves high sensitivity (adjustable from app) and very low false alarm rate. The smallest wireless PIR sensor available in market today.  

Larger CR2450 battery provides 3x battery life compared with regular motion sensor Wireless Tags to reduce battery exchange labor. 2~3 year battery life is expected. 

  • Logging and notification at motion detection and at time out (when no motion is detected after a programmable amount of time)
  • Temperature logging with 0.02°C resolution temperature sensor (+/-0.4°C error)
  • Air humidity logging with 0.12% resolution RH sensor (+/-1% error)
  • Logging interval programmable from 15 seconds to 4 hours
  • Fast too hot/cold/humid/dry notifications independent of logging interval.
  • Out-of-range/back-in-range notification
  • Unlimited storage of logged temperature, humidity and motion event data on cloud (can be deleted any time)

Battery: Installed, CR2450 x 1 (replaceable, where to buy). Includes mounting screws. 

Supports PC/Mac through a web browser, app push notification: iOS 6.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above (set-up instructions.)

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$39.00 USD
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