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Today we have significantly improved the search/filter box in your Event History screen. 

The Event History puts all events in one screen in timeline format, but often we are only interested in one type of event or one particular tag. Until now, the search/filter box only applied filter (on the client side) to the events already downloaded from cloud so far, it looked ugly, and once you entered the search no new events could be downloaded from server as you scroll down. 

Now finally we have a "proper" filter box that allows you to filter with event type or tag name directly in the cloud. After you entered keyword, you will no longer see partially filled screen but enough relevant information will be pulled from the cloud and fill the screen. As you scroll down, only those events matching your keyword (of even type or tag name) will be downloaded. Also, when you press the "Update" button on the upper right corner, only those latest events matching your filter will be downloaded and added to the top of the list. 

Per suggestions from multiple customers, all manual temperature, humidity or soil moisture calibration are now recorded in the Event History. Just enter "cal" in the filter box to only see this type of event in a timeline. The date&time of the calibration, the raw temperature reading from sensor and the reading it was calibrated to, are now recorded and displayed. 

An existing feature that might be useful also, is the ability to add comments to each event in the "Event History".  From the web/Android interface, just press on the event, it will expand to reveal a text box to enter custom comments. 

If these new improvements are useful to you, please provide us with feedback by a comment.

We have restocked of the  Wireless Tag Pro Accelerometer and reduced the price to match the regular magnetic compass based version. Also, we have made available the 10 pack and 20 pack option, with same price as the magnetic compass based version. 


Outdoor Probes Basic that ship after today (July 16) now support the SHT20 waterproof air humidity/temperature probe (SEN0227) in addition to the DS18B20 waterproof temperature probe. Simply connect either (not both) probe and select from the app the type of probe you have connected. 

The SHT20 air humidity/temperature sensor has 14-bit (0.01°C) temperature resolution and 12-bit (0.04%) humidity resolution,  the accuracy performance is equivalent to that of popular Wireless Sensor Tags Pro.  When selected, humidity monitoring (too wet/too dry notification) identical to that of Wireless Tag Pro becomes available from the app. The SHT20 based water proof probe is a great new-release product, which is also available from DigiKey and Mouser in addition to the manufacturer's website. 

Tag notifications like "moved" "opened" or "too hot" on the Android app are configured by default to use "speech", which makes the phone announce the event by human voice even when the app is not open or running. Some users absolutely loved it, while others really hated it when it fires off unexpectedly during meeting or in the middle of night.

There are three different volumes in Android namely "Music", "Alarm" and "Notification". You have to mute the "notification" volume to mute this announcement, which was not immediately obvious to many people. Besides, this also turns off other important audible notifications. Another way was to check off the "Use speech" box inside the app interface for each tag / type of monitoring individually, but you had to remember which tag had which monitoring enabled that may produce the sound, and check off one by one.

Now with Android 8, the Android app version 2.17.5 and above allows you to turn on/off any sound for each category of events like below (open Android system Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Notifications -> App notifications -> WirelessTag) 

Configuration for the category of events you have never received before will not be displayed, so on your device the screen may have fewer lines than the above. 

This must have been a much awaited feature for all Android users, and should have been implemented a long time ago. Please share your feedback using the comment button.

We are aware that there is a bad batch of 1/2 AA battery (marked: ER14250) being shipped together with all types of Outdoor Probes. They have abnormally high internal resistance (ESR), causing significant supply voltage drop during flash memory write. As a result customers would have hard time associate/unassociate the Outdoor Probe.  If you are affected by this problem, please contact us (create support ticket at with your order number, we will send you replacement batteries.

UPDATE (June 2018): We are now shipping all Outdoor Probes with 470µF electrolytic capacitor installed on the power supply. Our tests show that this completely resolved the above issues even if the battery is high ESR (which can happen if battery has gone through a long period of storage). 

A new option "transmit multiple data points at a time" is being phased in to all of our products, starting from Outdoor Probe, Wireless Tag Pro & ALS.  This can be turned on and off at associate time or at "Special Options." When enabled, for example if you set logging interval to every 30 seconds, temperature (and humidity or brightness) is measured every 30 seconds, but radio transmitter is turned on only every 390 seconds to send 13 data points in each radio transmission.

As a result, when this option is enabled, you may not see the most recently measured temperature on the screen when you just opened the app, until you manually hit the update button. But the sensors would get a longer battery life at a given measurement interval because the radio transmitter, a major source of battery drain, is turned on much less often. Additionally, less radio congestion would allow more sensors/tags to be associated to a tag manager at a shorter logging interval. 

If you are using the sensor to just take periodic measurement to build a temperature log for example, this option is recommended. On the other hand, if you want to have the app always display the most recent temperature, please do not enable this option (This option is disabled by default). There has been numerous complaints from customers who enabled this option without knowing what it does, then think their sensor tags are defective because they do not automatically update at configured "auto-update" interval (the term "auto-update interval" used in app is misleading as this is the data-point interval). This has forced us to add description in the web interface (a "?" icon next to this option) and writing this article. 


We have just enhanced "Limited user" account creation and management:

  • You can now create limited user accounts that may access tags from multiple tag managers. Simply press "Add a Limited User" button under another tag manager, then enter the same email/account name and password.
  • You can now view exactly what users have access to each tag manager, and remove access/unlink a user account from a tag manager, without completely deleting that user account. 

Also added is an option under the "Edit" button next to each tag manager, to "Ungroup" a tag manager if it is grouped with another. Previously you had to remove the tag manager then added it back without "group with" option.

Please be sure to clear browser cache or simply open these links (#1, #2), then press F5 key to force your browser to reload the web app code. 

Some of common feedback from our customer has been 

  • Battery life is too short. 
  • Sometimes tags go out of range or drop connection by itself
  • Want to use it for bar-b-que, swimming pool temperature or sauna temperature.
  • Want to use it to diagnose dishwasher, oven, or industrial fridge/freezer etc.

The core value our products provide has always been temperature monitoring and logging. In a way, we wanted to do one common thing uncommonly well. After nearly 2 years of development, the all new Wireless Sensor Tag Outdoor Probe features

  • 5 year battery life using 1/2AA battery
  • 3.6V battery allows DS18B20 water proof temperature probe with long cable
  • New generation processor (MCU) newer than ones used in any of our other products, provides lower sleep current and improved reliability (for example, low power brown out reset prevents accidental flash memory write)
  • IP68 rated, completely water proof enclosure resolves the problems of tag dropping connection (most common cause of this has been dew/condensation)
  • Better optimized PCB antenna, taking advantage of the larger circuit board, achieves slightly better range than regular tags despite the thicker, more robust plastic casing
  • 16-bit ADC for thermocouple and GE protimeter connection, along with accurate on-chip temperature logging 

These are available now for order and shipment within 3 days. Please comment on this blog post what you think. 


We have been using FreshDesk, an online ticket system to manage technical support requests for the last few years. Neither our customers nor our support staff were really happy about it:

  • It has no SPAM filter or ways to report SPAM emails, and we now get 2~3 times more SPAM emails than emails from customers
  • It has its own user account system separate from app account, which is not only confusing to our customers, but also forces our support staff asking for customer's account info in order to check their Tag setup.  
  • It requires cumbersome account email verification for everyone, which cannot be disabled despite many requests from other FreshDesk users wanting to disable it. This results in many customers not able to login to the system to view existing tickets.
  • It does not allow customers to search from FAQ or Knowledge Base first before submitting ticket. This results in our support staff having have to answer same questions repeatedly, and a drop in overall productivity in handling unique, valid customer requests.
  • It is too complicated with too many useless features; making it slow and inefficient to use.

We are finally fed up and developed our own integrated customer support portal: or (the correct one will be automatically chosen after you login).You can also access the portal from web interface by clicking on the "i" button on the bottom right corner. Now, only our real customers can create tickets. We automatically get info about your Tag setup from account associated with each ticket. The system also allows us to build Knowledge Base from past tickets so as our support staff resolves problems for a customer, future customers with the same issues automatically benefit. When we developed the system, like our other products, we tried hard to keep everything very concise and simple, which should greatly enhance our customer support productivity. 

You will only get emails when we reply to your ticket. You can add links to the comments, so if you need to attach a screenshot, please upload it to Google Drives etc. then include the URL.  

We are excited to announce that the Wireless Tag Android app version 2.15 and above includes an widget equivalent to iOS app's lock screen widget, to allow you to quickly check temperature, humidity, motion states, and last update time without launching the app. This must have been a much awaited feature for all Android users. 


Just like the iOS widget, you can put any number of tags from multiple locations / tag managers into the same widget. Press the pen button to configure. Press the dots button to switch between the view modes. Long press on the widget and release to resize to allow more information to be displayed. 

We have been too busy with new product development (rugged, water-tight wireless probe / thermocouple for pool, sauna, oven, engine CHT and other harsh environments, planned release Q3 2017), iOS app and server side scaling/enhancements and spent minimal resources on the Android app. As an iPhone user, I personally find the iOS lock screen widget extremely useful. So this feature for Android users is really really long overdue. 

If you have suggestions on the Android app can be further improved (other than re-writing the entire app replicating the HTML5 UI with native UI, which would be too much work), please let us know by adding your comment under this blog article. 

Actions are supported in the "Informational" skill as of today. Now you can say...

"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to beep keys"
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to beep keys 5 times"
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to stop beep keys"

If you have tag named "keys". Arm or disarm motion sensor by saying ...

"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to arm keys"
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to disarm keys"

Link a temperature sensor tag with a Nest or Honeywell WiFi thermostat in order to regulate temperature in a location different from where the thermostat is installed. If you have linked a thermostat named "Downstairs" and a tag named "Living Room", use it for the thermostat by saying ...

"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to set downstairs at Living Room", or
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to use Living Room for downstairs".

The AC or heat is turned on when tag temperature monitoring reports "too hot" or "too cold". Change either the "too hot" or "too cold" threshold temperature by saying ...

"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to set Living Room temperature to 70".

If you are in UK, the number here will be automatically interpreted as Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. You can also enable, disable or set thresholds for temperature, humidity or light monitoring by voice command, like ...

"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to monitor temperature at Kitchen Freezer".
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to stop temperature monitoring at Kitchen Freezer".
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to set temperature at Kitchen Freezer between -40 and 0".
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to monitor humidity at Kitchen Freezer".
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag to set humidity at Kitchen Freezer between 0 and 80".

Accelerometer Based Wireless Tag Pro detects motion not with 3D magnetic compass but with accelerometer, with benefit of immediate notification and ability to detect a small vibration that does not result in change of tag orientation (such as washer/dryer). It can also be used to detect vertical door (e.g. garage door) open/close but not horizontal door open/close. They come with 8192 point of memory for temperature and humidity like other Wireless Tag Pro. Order from here or here

Due to its limited customer base we have only produced them in small batches. We received another 500 yesterday. If you need rain proof version of this, please write in the comment section of this blog. If there is enough interest we will send half out for coating.

In September, we have released the Wireless Tag "smart home" skill. Due to limitation of the "smart home skill" category as defined by Amazon, although the skill allows actions such as "arm" or "beep" by voice command, we could not make Alexa return much useful information about each sensor such as temperature or motion state. 

Today, we are happy to announce the "Wireless Tag (Informational)" skill has passed certification and is now available to install. This skill is meant to supplement and be used together with the existing Wireless Tag smart home skill. As the name suggests, this skill is focused on having Alexa return useful information. 

Try saying: "Alexa, ask Wireless Tag for the lowest temperature last week." to know which sensor recorded the lowest temperature and how much.
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag for the lowest temperature in Living Room last month".
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag for the highest temperature in Fridge last week".

"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag for the temperature at boiler room yesterday." to know the average temperature yesterday there.
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag for temperature at Living Room" to know the current temperature. 

Instead of "temperature", you can also ask about "humidity", "brightness", "moisture" or "motion state".

"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag what happened today" to have Alexa read back event history today, or "Alexa, ask Wireless Tag what happened at Fridge last week" to have Alexa read back events only related to the tag "Fridge", including what time Fridge was opened or about any temperature abnormalities, starting from the most recent.

You can also say...
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag if Front Door is open"
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag if Car Key is out of range"
"Alexa, ask Wireless Tag about the signal at Tag 1"

Here is a list of all possible things you can say (after "ask Wireless Tag", and skip the first column). 

The older smart home skill is better at recognizing unique names of tag you have given, while the "Wireless Tag (Informational)" skill recognizes from a list of most common 100 or so tag names such as "Living room" (complete list here) plus a number, which should cover over 95% of all names people have ever given to their sensor tags. If the skill has trouble recognizing your tag name, try to rename it to one on the list.

Wireless Sensor Tags Store was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the, shoppers will see a Google Trusted Store badge and can click on it for more information.

As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with Wireless Sensor Tags and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like Wireless Sensor Tags attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites. For the shop to maintain Google Trusted Store badge, it has to ship at least 600 orders every quarter, and receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from survey emails automatically sent to each customer by Google. 

UPDATE (April 3, 2017) Google discontinues Google Trusted Store purchase protection program

As one use of the ambient light sensor is to measure how much light a plant receives, a weather proofed version for outdoor use was requested by many people. 


As you can see in above picture, a thick layer of flexible silicone coating (that is highly resistant to repeated temperature cycles) is precisely applied by machine to cover all circuit components except the humidity sensing window, buzzer opening and battery contact, protecting circuit from corrosion while allowing humidity to be measured.

Rain Proof Wireless Tag Pro ALS is available here for immediate shipment. 

UPDATE (April 19, 2017): We have consolidated into the one "Wireless Tag (Informational)" skills since both actions and queries are supported by that skill, in order to provide customer with more consistent experience. 

Check out the WirelessTag Amazon Echo/Alexa skill just became available for everyone today!

  • "Alexa, turn on Car Key beeper," to help you find your key
  • "Alexa, turn on Car Key motion," to arm motion sensor on the tag
  • "Alexa, turn off Car Key motion," to disarm it
  • If you have more than 1 tag with motion sensor, "Alexa, turn on all motion tags," to enable motion sensor on all tags when you leave home
  • "Alexa, turn on temperature monitoring in Bedroom."
  • "Alexa, turn on temperature monitoring in all tags."
  • "Alexa, turn on humidity monitoring in Car Key."
  • "Alexa, turn on humidity monitoring in all tags."
Link a temperature sensor tag with a Nest or Honeywell thermostat in order to regulate temperature in a location different from where the thermostat is installed. AC or heat is turned on when tag temperature monitoring reports "too hot" or "too cold". Change either the "too hot" or "too cold" threshold temperature by saying:

  • "Alexa, set Bedroom temperature to 74."

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with IFTTT regarding channel partner fee that was proposed by them recently. After all, neither side wants to see such a successful integration go away over a few thousand dollars fee. The Wireless Tag channel will keep running and be updated to support our upcoming sensor products, and new ways of using it, such as automatically forwarding captured data to 3rd party storage like Google Drive for report creation. You should see an update of WirelessTag IFTTT channel with these new features by middle of August. (Update Aug 17, 2016: Today the IFTTT channel update was officially released:

We have noticed a lot of users were using KumoApp "log every update" or similar to simply forward all periodic temperature log data to some URL. This is a rather wasteful use of the KumoApp engine, so we encourage you to use our newly available URL calling option "When tag sends a temperature/humidity update" as below:

This example adjusts brightness of a Hue lamp whenever there is an update in temperature, humidity or brightness (ALS sensor tag available in September)

In above, we enclose math expression in <% and %> to have it evaluated before the URL is called. This expression results in full brightness when ambient light drops below 46 lux and zero brightness (light OFF) when ambient light goes above 300 lux. The math expression not only can be evaluated into numbers but also "true" or "false" for logical expressions like in this example. 

It is very easy to use the URL calling feature to automatically trigger LIFX bulbs using event or data from any Wireless Sensor Tag.  LIFX is often linked using IFTTT but this method is simpler and works with less latency.   

First, go to to generate a token as below:

Then, from Web Interface ( open a tag, then click on ">" button and choose 'URL Calling..." to open "Custom URL Calling on Event" screen below:

Here, choose an event, such as "too hot", "too humid" or if you want the light to continuously change, "when tag sends .... update" as above, and enter the URL 

https://[the token you obtained in previous step]

You can also enter other triggering methods described in LIFX API doc, such as selector to specify which bulb if you have more than one. Click on the ">" button next to the URL box to enter HTTP content. 

In above example, we enclose math expression in <% and %> to have it evaluated before the URL is called. This expression divides temperature (in °C) by 40 and use it to set the brightness. The "min" function ensures the brightness does not go to negative. This will resulting in light being 100% bright at 40°C and completely off at 0°C and below. 

Since the introduction of Water/Moisture Sensor in early 2013, our customers have loved its simplicity and low cost compared with other soil moisture sensing products. 

A repeated request we received was to be able to measure soil moisture at a deeper region of the ground, where it matters for most plants. Also because the original version did not have a scratch resistant coating, outdoor use caused the water proof coating and solder-mask on board to eventually wear away by weather elements. 

To satisfy needs for outdoor use, we have developed the 2.0 which is available today for shipment. 

With deeper sensing arm, you will be able to sense soil moisture level at deeper region, or alternatively, leave the electronics/antenna higher above ground for better signal strength/longer range. 

The entire board is coated with HumiSeal UV40, a material with high hardness for scratch resistance that is also highly resistant to chemicals; in addition to being water proof. This will allow the sensor to be used for outdoor agriculture exposed to weather elements.

The sensor also comes with the latest firmware that incorporates all the bug fixes that are already in other types of Wireless Tags.  

Click here to order one today. 


Since we introduced the rain proofed version of Wireless Tag Pro in February, the product has been a great success. A thick layer of silicone based conformal coating, precisely applied on portions of internal circuit board, allows the tag to be used outdoors or in high humidity area, while still be able to measure ambient humidity. The silicone coating has proven to be a lasting protection against corrosion over the wide temperature range supported by the tag (-40°C - 85°C). 

Update September 23, 2016: We now have stock of both Wireless Tag Pro rain proof w/ 2048 point memory and Wireless Tag Pro rain proof w/ 8192 point memory for immediate shipment. 

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