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Today we are happy to announce that the Wireless Tag iOS app since version 4.2 now fully supports dark mode in iOS 13.  

Also, for International customers, you should see UPS shipping rate to Canada, Australia/NZ, and European countries has dropped significantly thanks to a recent agreement we've reached with UPS. For example it should now cost less than $28 for 1lb UPS Worldwide Expedited to Australia, which used to cost about $45. Due to COVID-19, we have noticed longer than usual USPS (post office) International shipping delay to most countries except Canada, so we encourage you to choose UPS if you can shipping to AU/NZ/GB. 


 We have worked very hard past few weeks to bring you a new app mode called "Trends": 

It is available in web and Android interface right now by clicking the "Temperatures" button on the upper right corner, and on iPhone/iPad app (version 3.0.0, expected to appear in App Store sometime later today), by swiping to the left, or pressing the "Trends" button on the tag list screen. 

The mode summarizes each sensor's temperature, humidity and ambient light, along with recent trend in a carefully designed layout. If monitoring is enabled, the too hot/cold regions are displayed on graph with red shadows, too wet/dry region by green shadows and too bright/dark region by blue shadows to show how much margin there is to abnormal conditions.

If event history was viewed (loaded), motion events such as "opened", "detected" are overlaid on the recent temperature graph, to help visualize possible causes of temperature spikes (iOS only).

Special server side data structure was designed such that recent data points used for this screen is always readily available, to ensure very fast screen load speed. 

We have overhauled much of our iOS app, so that it loads faster and supports iOS 12. On iPads, the split screen width now automatically adjusts to an optimal value, depending on what is displayed. App will automatically resume updating screen as sensor data comes in, when network connectivity is interrupted and later restored (the Web/Android version was already behaving this way). 

We are all ears for your feedback, and any ideas to make the app work even better for you. 


iOS app "Wireless Tag List" version 1.6.1 with crash bug fixed is processing for AppStore. Please allow 24 hours for it to show up in AppStore around the world. This version supports 4 inch screen iPhone5, multiple tag manager (tap on the tag manager name to switch), and also setting auto-ping interval differently for each tags (this feature is not yet available in the Web/Android app interface.) By setting different auto-ping interval for different tags, you can make battery last longer for some tags while collect temperature data at desired frequency from other tags.

We also submitted iOS app version 1.7 for review. This version will no longer support iOS 4.3 and below. iOS 5.0 or above is required. In exchange, it has smaller app size for faster loading time. 


The iOS app version 1.6 has a bug that crashes at account registration (it still works if one register an account from the web interface then logs in to that account). We already submitted a bug fixed version 1.6.1 to AppStore for review 4 days ago. It should appear around Nov 11. 

Unfortunately, the AppStore does not have capability to roll back to previous version when the latest version is approved by AppStore review staff. To prevent more user installing this faulty version of iOS app we have temporarily delisted the iOS app from AppStore until Nov. 11 when version 1.6.1 is expected to the approved.