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Wireless Tags now support both Honeywell Home (such as T9) and Total Connect Comfort (commonly known as Honeywell WiFi, such as this) thermostats! Just add them like a regular Wireless Tag from the Wireless Tag web interface or mobile app, like below.

Now you can use the "Set At" option as below to enable temperature monitoring on a Wireless Tag. Automatically, when that tag is reporting temperature too low, heat will be turned on, and if the tag is reporting normal temperature, heat will be turned off.


The capability to link Nest Thermostats as tags has been added in the Web / Android app. To link, from simply click "+ Add a New Tag" then "Link Nest Thermostats". Once linked, the thermostat is accessible also from current iOS app, but you may experience some quirks. Complete Nest link support will appear in the next iOS app release (approx. 1 week from now). 

Now you can

  • Set heat/cool targets, home/away, fan on/off from the web/app interface like shown in
  • Use temperature events @another sensor tag to control Nest. The lower/upper target temperature at Nest will automatically move so as to regulate the temperature at specified sensor tag within the "comfort zone" (this will automatically control the too-hot/too-low temperature at the chosen tag). Simply choose the tag at "Set at" drop-down. 
    Once you set the "target" back to Nest itself, the target temperature at Nest will be automatically restored to the value on "comfort zone" slider. 
  • Once Nest is linked, a whole new range of KumoApp becomes available for installation, such as "Turn off heat/AC ( equivalent to setting to "away" in Nest when "auto-away" is not used, and to "off" with "auto-away" on ) when window is open", "turn on heat/AC (same as setting to "home" or "heat-cool" depending on if auto-away is used) when my iPhone gets close to home". With soon-be-available PIR and Reed sensors, you will be able to install/write your own KumoApps like "when PIR detected motion, set to home, or use temperature events at the PIR sensor to control thermostat.  "When sliding door/window is open, set to "away" etc. 
  • "Upper/lower target temperatures" at Nest are just like the upper/lower temperature thresholds in regular tags with temperature monitoring enabled. When these thresholds are crossed, you can specify email/tweets/push notifications to be sent or custom URL to be called. You can even use these events to control another Nest thermostat.

No amount of internal testing can substitute feedback from actual users. Please submit bug reports at the forum or email to We appreciate your feedback.


First production batch of PIR and Reed sensor will arrive in a few days; our plastic casing factory in Anaheim has the injection mold and should be able to run production in next few days when machine slot opens. We plan to gradually ramp up the production.