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You can now link Dropcam to your Wireless Tag account. This will allow you to
    • Take snapshots and save them at the full 720p resolution
    • Turn streaming on and off
    • Do the above from KumoApp recipe. For example, you can write a KumoApp to take a burst of photo (at about 2fps) when PIR Kumo Sensor or Motion Sensor Tag detected movement, or door is open, and then email to you. You can also schedule pictures to be taken at certain interval, or any logical combination you can write using the KumoApp Javascript engine.
      • No more false activity alerts from the less-than-perfect motion detector on your Dropcam!

This is similar to the way you can link Nest Thermostats and WeMo switches. It may seem unnecessary to be able to control them from the Wireless Tags app when WeMo, Nest and Dropcam already have their own mobile apps, but it is when you start to write (or install existing) KumoApps like below, that this will all make sense:

Lastly, if you ever wanted to link Wireless Tag with other stuffs than WeMo, Nest, Dropcam or Philips Hue that can now be done with KumoApp, try our unpublished IFTTT channel. It is currently under review by IFTTT staffs for quality assurance. But many of Wireless Tag enthusiasts have already tried it (even before this article!) and we have already received some good feedback.

Using the latest Android app (version 2.2) and iOS app (version 2.3.1 and above, which should be released in AppStore next week) you can link WeMo switches as a tag to allow automation through KumoApp. These KumoApps have been made available (you can install them or make your own version based on their source code, once you link your WeMo switch):

  • When any of the PIR sensor detected motion, turn on Wemo, when all times out, turn off Wemo
  • When any of the PIR sensor detected motion while all of specified phone are away from home, turn on Wemo (makes potential thieves think you are at home)
  • When more than specified number of PIR sensors detected motion, turn on Wemo, when the number falls below, turn off Wemo
  • When any of the door is opened, turn on Wemo
  • When any motion sensor tag is moved (when they are armed), turn on Wemo
  • When any motion sensor tag is moved (when they are armed), and while all of specified phone are away from home, turn on Wemo
  • When any of specified phones enters region, turn on Wemo switches
  • When temperature is too high, turn on Wemo, when temperature is back to normal, turn off Wemo
  • When temperature is too low, turn on Wemo, when temperature is back to normal, turn off Wemo
  • When all specified phones leave region, turn off Wemo switches

Linking WeMo switch is very similar to linking Nest Thermostat. After you have connected you iOS or Android device to the same local WiFi network your WeMo device is on, launch the WirelessTag app and click the "+ Associate" button. If the app can find a WeMo switch on your local WiFi, a green "Link WeMo" button will show up (you may have to give the app about 10 second after launch for it to find your WeMo devices). Linking WeMo device function is not available from Web Interface on laptops, but once linked, WeMo device can be controlled from the Web Interface as well as from KumoApp. 


UPDATE: With latest version of Android app 2.3.5 we have improved the reliability of the app finding WeMo switches on your network. You need to connect the Android to your local WiFi for the green "Link Wemo" button to show up. The iOS app 2.3.1 is still under AppStore review as some issues were discovered during review and delayed the release. You can join the Test Flight program to try out this iOS app version and any future pre-release versions.


We are putting KumoApp live today. If you used our iOS app, you may have wondered what the "Install KumoApps..." is for. The configuration interface for KumoApp has been implemented in the iOS app since last October.  "Kumo" (pronounced Koo-mo) means "cloud" in Japanese and "Kumostat" is our up-coming energy saving, Internet thermostat that will cost as little as the cheapest thermostat you can find (just like Wireless Sensor Tags is the cheapest Internet connected temperature sensor, thanks to our unique "Tag Manager" + "Cloud" architecture that moves hardware complexity to cloud where computing power is dirt-cheap). "Kumo-Sensors" are our high-end sensors with more accurate temperature and air humidity sensor + PIR or door/window designed to automate "Kumostat" to save energy and provide comfort. The adaptive, energy saving, and learning algorithms will all come from "KumoApp". 

While we are waiting to get the plastic casing for Kumostat and KumoSensors done (expect Q2 2014) so we can start shipping these new products, we are putting the KumoApp engine out for everyone with Wireless Sensor Tags to use. Currently, there is only 2 app (that does not require the Kumostat hardware) already written: "log every tag updates" and "log events from IFTTT". In the next few days, we will add more apps to show-case the capabilities of KumoApp engine, that will be useful even without Kumostat hardware.  You are welcome to write your own app today and test them out in your account. Show us your ideas and we will publish them for everyone to use.