A customer reviewed our iOS app

"Looking for a new feature to be added. I would like the ability to swipe on a notification on the lock screen and a "pause for an hour" button appears. Ideally the time frame could be configurable for each sensor. Also this button should be available on the Apple Watch when the notification appears there. Also another button (I believe you can do two) to disarm the sensor for a configurable amount of Time as well. This way I can stop notifications if I am in/out of the back door, during a specific time period or disarm the tag from affecting other smart items in the house. I really hope this is a feasible feature that can be added. " — for Version 2.7.1 by Jeasy1988

This is like "Snooze" button. It makes a lot of sense; suppose

  • You are back to home outside of usual schedule, and get lots of motion sensor notifications because the sensors are usually armed during that time. You want to temporarily stop the notifications until you are gone. 
  • You open fridge to prepare for dinner. You get temperature too high push notification. You want to quickly stop the notification for an hour until you are done with dinner preparation. 

Today version 2.7.2 (iOS) and 2.11.2 (Android) are available with this feature added. 

For motion sensor events:

 (Android 4.1+ swipe down)

For temperature/humidity events:

 (iOS 8+, swipe left)

As Jeasy requested, you can configure how long to stay paused or disarmed for each tag individually from motion sensor / temperature sensor option screen inside the app, under the section "Pause Action Effective For". By default, it is set to 1 hour. 

"Pause" will temporarily stop the system from sending notifications but still keep the sensor "armed" so events will keep being logged on Event History and KumoApps/IFTTT/Nest Thermostats keep being triggered. "Disarm/Stop monitoring" will actually send commands to the sensor tag to power down the motion sensor/temperature monitoring (and automatically resume after the programmed time).

Improving/enhancing the app for all customers is our top priority. If you have any suggestions like this, let us know and they will get implemented right away. 

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  • Posted by Peter K on November 27, 2019

    I found it! On iOS, it’s the pop-up notification. If you swipe DOWN, you get the snooze option. Nowhere in the app. And doesn’t work on the list of notifications you see when you swipe down from the home page

  • Posted by Peter K on November 27, 2019

    I also cannot find this feature on iOS! Swiping does nothing. I have the latest version of the app, 3.2.0, as of this writing.

  • Posted by angela seiter on January 12, 2019

    I can’t find this feature on andoid or ipad. notifications don’t appear like the above example and swiping does nothing…

  • Posted by jeasy1988 on April 27, 2016

    SOO cool to see this feature added! Thanks soo much!

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