Last month, surprisingly to us, we were able to source 8000pcs of LIS3MDL 3D compass IC from (although at $1.96/ea, vs. $0.637/ea we paid last time for the exact same chip).  This allowed us to resume production of our most popular product 13 bit temperature / humidity sensor tag

Since this product was first released in 2013, it has gone through many improvements in underlying design (new radio IC for longer range, new 3D compass IC, more fault tolerant firmware to keep connected, and to eliminate false motion alarm, false temperature reading / too hot/too cold alarms, and so on). The temperature resolution now is actually 14-bit, but we kept the original product name.

Meanwhile the customer-facing feature set remained the same, which kept providing value to so many people.  To show our commitment to lasting value in our products,  we have reduced the price (which was raised in response to the shortages of LIS3MDL in 2021) back to the same price it has been since 2013.

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