We are aware the current version iOS app crashes when opening Account Options. A fix (2.1.7) has already been submitted to App Store for review, it should become available in approximately 3 days.Meanwhile, please use the Web interface to change login email and password, and other account options such as adding tag managers and limited user accounts, which are not supported using the iOS app anyway.  UPDATES: This has been fixed in 2.1.7 that was released today (May 23).

Also we are aware if you live outside of USA/Canada, the new native iOS app temperature graph had been crashing for 2.0.x and 2.1.x. This has just been fixed from the server side, no app update is necessary. It was due to the server auto-adjusting date format to native format used in your culture/country, and this confused date parsing code in the iOS app code. You will still get localized date format if you access the temperature graph from Web, only when the data is access by the graph code in the app that the server stops to localize the date format.

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  • Posted by Neil Wilcox on December 22, 2017
    I cannot seem to log into your system to do anything. My big problem is I was able to set up one system for my father over year ago, but now when I try to set up a system for myself it tells me that the tag manager is already assigned or cannot be assigned to this account. I tried creating a new account but that did not work. It’s not like I’m trying to switch all parts that are assigned to my father‘s account to my new account I have that just purchased I new tag manager and five sensors. This is not my first attempt to try to get in touch with you. Please let me know how to proceed my phone number is 607-279-4431

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