We have updated the server to optimize the water/moisture level measurement full-scale to allow better resolution, especially at higher % value for more accurate water level measurement.

Until today, the water/moisture sensor has been working fine to measure typical soil moisture for plants, but if you dip it into water to measure water level, the reading becomes well over 100% and the resolution decreases. Applying calibration can move the reading back to 0~100% range, but did not improve the resolution problem. 

With this optimization, without calibration, the sensor would report 0% when sensing surface is completely dry, and 100% when sensing surface is completely submerged into water. And the reading will reflect the actual water level with much greater precision and number of quantization steps than previously. If one intends to use it to measure soil moisture, one may want to re-define 100% using the "Calibrate" button at the maximum wetness possible for the type of soil. 

This optimization automatically takes effect for newly associated water sensors. For existing sensors, please disable moisture monitoring, click save, and re-enable moisture monitoring for this to take effect.

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