We started shipping PIR KumoSensors with firmware that allows sensitivity adjustment today (2015/11/6). When you receive your new PIR sensor (will show as "rev 8F" in search result), you will be able to access the sensitivity slider from the Web interface at https://mytaglist.com/eth.

With this new feature, you can reduce sensitivity if you are getting false alarms due to very short movement lasting less than a second. We tested this feature on two customer returned PIR sensors that were prone to produce false alarms. With sensitivity set to 50%, the false alarm completely went away, while each detects normal human movement every time. 

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  • Posted by Bhnaushree Rajanna on April 13, 2018


    I have a project in hand and I would like to have a very good PIR sensor with no false movement detection. Please email me the details about your product so I let my company know if this would work good for my project. Thanks!

  • Posted by Peder Møller on December 18, 2015

    How can I/we upgrade to new firmware ?

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