We have sold out all of our existing Tag Manager and will be shipping new Tag Manager hardware from orders received today. The lead time remains the same (no more than 7~10 days.) The new Tag Manager looks and will work exactly the same as the old one, and is 100% compatible with all existing Tags. It provides the following new features.

  • A better radio hardware for more reliable radio communication to tags and support of long range version Wireless Sensor Tags that will be released in Summer 2013. 
  • Due to temperature changes and aging, the crystal frequency in each Wireless Tag (old version) drifts. This prevents Tag Manager from using narrow receive bandwidth for long range. With the new tag manager the receive bandwidth can be programmed in several steps to achieve the best trade-off between robustness (against tag temperature change) and range. In narrower bandwidth modes, a "Calibrate Radio" button may appear when it detects frequency drift larger than the chosen receive bandwidth. Clicking this button to update frequency of each Tag to correct for the drift. If you set the Tag Manager to wide band mode (default) you will never see or have to use this button.
  • The hardware has capability to store up to 48 tag event transmissions (such as temperature update, motion events) locally while Internet connection is interrupted, and upload those to the Cloud server as soon as Internet connection is back. Each stored event will retain a time-stamp to indicate when it was actually received by the Tag Manager. 
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