We have started shipping Ethernet Tag Manager with new hardware on May 6. Those who received shipment notice on May 6 or later had initial problem of not being able to associate a tag until today (May 13). This problem was caused by a lack of web server support of a last minute firmware update made to the new Ethernet Tag Manager. We have just address this issue by adding the web server support. If you have experienced this issue, please try again and your problem should go away. Our apologies for any inconvenience this problem have caused. If you still have problem, please send email to support@mytaglist.com. We will reply to your email within 2~3 days. Our phone support will be back on May 30. 

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  • Posted by Pedro Castillo on January 28, 2015

    I have problems associating the tag to tag manager. The red-light in the tag flash, but is not activated in the web or IOS app. I tryed to reset the flash memory in the tag, reset the tag manager, etc.

    What can I do ?

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