Good news for you Smart Home fanboys, both Google Home and Alexa Smart Home skill for Wireless Sensor Tags are released today.

For Google Homeall of your tags will be recognized as "Thermostat" which can report current temperature and humidity as well as setting temperature monitoring thresholds. Setting the temperature will move the center point of the "comfort zone" i.e. average of the too hot/too cold threshold. Turning it on/off is equivalent to enable/disable temperature monitoring. The tags also support the "Locator" device type which will allow you beep the tag. The integration reports all real-time data to "Google Home Graph" so in near future you should be able to check your live temperature and humidity graph from Google products. 

For Alexa, there have been "Informational" skill that will require pronouncing "ask Wireless Tag" to open it, but allows more features (including getting humidity, high/low and average temperature during specified period, arming/disarm motion sensor, setting temperature monitoring thresholds), on the other hand the newly released Smart Home version uses "v3" of Alexa smart home API (which included support for temperature sensor) to support the most commonly used feature of getting temperature and motion state without pronouncing "Wireless Tag" to trigger it. 


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  • Posted by YS on July 23, 2020

    Well, that’s sucks. one of the main reason I purchased the tags is to monitor Freezer & Refrigerator with my Google Home.

  • Posted by DB on July 08, 2020

    Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to work if you’re using a wireless tag to monitor a freezer because the Google Home app only allows the minimum temp to be set down to 50 degrees F. Also, the first time you pull up the tag in the Google Home app, the app automatically changes the temp range on the tag to 50-53 degrees F.

  • Posted by Clement on July 22, 2019

    Yeah great news but what about Apple Homekit. Is there any feasibility issues with homekit right now ? I’m pretry sure supporting homekit would give your system a huge success. I lkie it very much but still miss a lot an homekit compatibility.

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