Outdoor Probes Basic that ship after today (July 16) now support the SHT20 waterproof air humidity/temperature probe (SEN0227) in addition to the DS18B20 waterproof temperature probe. Simply connect either (not both) probe and select from the app the type of probe you have connected. 

The SHT20 air humidity/temperature sensor has 14-bit (0.01°C) temperature resolution and 12-bit (0.04%) humidity resolution,  the accuracy performance is equivalent to that of popular Wireless Sensor Tags Pro.  When selected, humidity monitoring (too wet/too dry notification) identical to that of Wireless Tag Pro becomes available from the app. 

The above picture shows how to connect the 4 wires of the SHT20 probe to the circuit board. The yellow wire will have to use hole #5 (see back side; the  yellow wire is a snug fit through the hole, practically no soldering is necessary) until about October when the next batch of hardware arrives, which will have 4 input terminal block. 

The SHT20 based water proof probe is a great new-release product, which is also available from DigiKey and Mouser in addition to the manufacturer's website. 

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