Some of common feedback from our customer has been 

  • Battery life is too short. 
  • Sometimes tags go out of range or drop connection by itself
  • Want to use it for bar-b-que, swimming pool temperature or sauna temperature.
  • Want to use it to diagnose dishwasher, oven, or industrial fridge/freezer etc.

The core value our products provide has always been temperature monitoring and logging. In a way, we wanted to do one common thing uncommonly well. After nearly 2 years of development, the all new Wireless Sensor Tag Outdoor Probe features

  • 5 year battery life using 1/2AA battery
  • 3.6V battery allows DS18B20 water proof temperature probe with long cable
  • New generation processor (MCU) newer than ones used in any of our other products, provides lower sleep current and improved reliability (for example, low power brown out reset prevents accidental flash memory write)
  • IP68 rated, completely water proof enclosure resolves the problems of tag dropping connection (most common cause of this has been dew/condensation)
  • Better optimized PCB antenna, taking advantage of the larger circuit board, achieves slightly better range than regular tags despite the thicker, more robust plastic casing
  • 16-bit ADC for thermocouple and GE protimeter connection, along with accurate on-chip temperature logging 

These are available now for order and shipment within 3 days. Please comment on this blog post what you think. 


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  • Posted by Tim Gaines on November 04, 2017

    This probe is perfect for outdoor/pool monitoring. I think the price is good too! Very happy to see that you have a replacable battery in it. Now, the only other thing that would make it better is a way to detect humidity, ambient light, etc. but you have already acknowledged this in your posts above. Happy with it so far but I need to find a way to integrate it with Node-RED.

  • Posted by Support on October 09, 2017

    BTW, below is the equation we use to convert resistance (unit: MOhm) to WME% which is published in some academic papers:

    (Math.Log10(Math.Log10(resistance) + 1) – 1.061) / (-0.039)

  • Posted by Support on October 09, 2017

    The most widely available external probes would be DS18B20 and k-type thermocouple. We wanted to build support for other kind of probe like humidity sensor, ambient light, rain sensor or wind sensor, but we could not find probes that is less than $50 by itself, with documented communication protocol. If you know anything specific you want this product to support, please let us know the link to the probe datasheet and where to buy (like DigiKey link)! Much appreciated.

    As for the currently available, DS18B20 version is obviously digital input that supports the Maxim protocol, the thermocouple uses the k-type connector which reads the tiny voltage develops on a k-type thermocouple. The connector uses special metal specific to k-type thermocouple. The Protimeter reads the resistance on the connector from about 1M to hundreds of GOhm and convert it to Wood Moisture Equivalent %.

  • Posted by Paul Huemmer on October 04, 2017

    I’m looking forward to trying this new sensor out! I’m curious, if while developing the product you found other external sensors that would work with any of these 3 models in their current configuration?

    Are there any usage guidelines where customers could use this sensor platform for monitoring:

    Thermistor temperature sensing. A NO/NC pushbutton. Water presence (like on the tip of the current water sensor you offer). External soil moisture content sensing (similar to the other tag you offer). External ambient light sensor.

    Or is there any sort of technical information available about what the allowable input ranges are for the various ports on these 3 models?

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