We are now shipping moisture/water level sensor tag with firmware v1.4. It contains the following updates:

  1. v1.3 firmware had the problem of not able to reset out of "water detected" state unless manually do "reset states". This problem has been fixed.
  2. The tag writable flash memory is relocated to a "high endurance" region. This allows the tag flash memory to be wirelessly updated more than 100,000 times (v1.3 can update at least 1000 times). This is in preparation for our future version tag manager hardware which will allow continuous calibration of frequency offset caused by crystal drift when temperature changes. 

Like motion sensor tag v1.3 firmware update, if you are affected by above problem #1, please send the tag back to us for firmware update. We will perform the update and mail back within 3 business days. Please include your 4 digit order number on the package. Please send to:

Cao Gadgets LLC
Attn: Moisture Tag v1.4 update (Order #[Your 4 digit Shopify order number])
2 Welbury,
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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