Today we have significantly improved the search/filter box in your Event History screen. 

The Event History puts all events in one screen in timeline format, but often we are only interested in one type of event or one particular tag. Until now, the search/filter box only applied filter (on the client side) to the events already downloaded from cloud so far, it looked ugly, and once you entered the search no new events could be downloaded from server as you scroll down. 

Now finally we have a "proper" filter box that allows you to filter with event type or tag name directly in the cloud. After you entered keyword, you will no longer see partially filled screen but enough relevant information will be pulled from the cloud and fill the screen. As you scroll down, only those events matching your keyword (of even type or tag name) will be downloaded. Also, when you press the "Update" button on the upper right corner, only those latest events matching your filter will be downloaded and added to the top of the list. 

Per suggestions from multiple customers, all manual temperature, humidity or soil moisture calibration are now recorded in the Event History. Just enter "cal" in the filter box to only see this type of event in a timeline. The date&time of the calibration, the raw temperature reading from sensor and the reading it was calibrated to, are now recorded and displayed. 

An existing feature that might be useful also, is the ability to add comments to each event in the "Event History".  From the web/Android interface, just press on the event, it will expand to reveal a text box to enter custom comments. 

If these new improvements are useful to you, please provide us with feedback by a comment.

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