We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with IFTTT regarding channel partner fee that was proposed by them recently. After all, neither side wants to see such a successful integration go away over a few thousand dollars fee. The Wireless Tag channel will keep running and be updated to support our upcoming sensor products, and new ways of using it, such as automatically forwarding captured data to 3rd party storage like Google Drive for report creation. You should see an update of WirelessTag IFTTT channel with these new features by middle of August. (Update Aug 17, 2016: Today the IFTTT channel update was officially released: https://ifttt.com/wirelesstag)

We have noticed a lot of users were using KumoApp "log every update" or similar to simply forward all periodic temperature log data to some URL. This is a rather wasteful use of the KumoApp engine, so we encourage you to use our newly available URL calling option "When tag sends a temperature/humidity update" as below:

This example adjusts brightness of a Hue lamp whenever there is an update in temperature, humidity or brightness (ALS sensor tag available in September)

In above, we enclose math expression in <% and %> to have it evaluated before the URL is called. This expression results in full brightness when ambient light drops below 46 lux and zero brightness (light OFF) when ambient light goes above 300 lux. The math expression not only can be evaluated into numbers but also "true" or "false" for logical expressions like in this example. 

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