Wireless Tags now provides integration with Honeywell Home thermostats (T1 to T9 series, Lyric, Round thermostats) using their official API. Using the same steps to add/associate a sensor tag, these thermostats can be added to your "tag list", allowing you to

  • Check temperature, humidity and change heat/cool setpoint from an web browser without using the Honeywell Home iOS/Android app. 
  • Turn fan to circulate or auto mode (except thermostats without user controllable fan mode like T6)
  • The Honeywell API provides live streaming of temperature/humidity/setpoint data through Microsoft Azure EventHub. This allows us to display and record temperature and humidity data from the thermostat the same way as tags (except resolution is limited to 1°F probably intentionally, by Honeywell), allowing you to view the historical temperature graph, and a number of other ways to access them like through our Wireless Tag Alexa skill. 
  • Using the "Set At" option, you can apply the heat/cool setpoint to any tag of yours, and if the temperature at the chosen tag becomes lower than the heat setpoint, or higher than the cool setpoint, the system automatically adjusts the thermostat such that it turns the heat or AC on (unless the thermostat is set by you to off mode).  This essentially makes a Wireless Tag work as an external room sensor of your thermostat.
  • You can also run a number of KumoApp scripts designed to work with a thermostat, like "When any of the window or door is opened, turn off AC/heat." and "When all of the window or door is closed, automatically resume AC/heat."


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