We are shipping Outdoor Probes with updated firmware that fixes an issue that affects some units when used with DS18B20 probes inside freezer environment (-20°C/0°F). This environment causes battery internal resistance to increase which causes 1) false triggering of brown-out reset circuit intended to prevent flash memory/firmware corruption, this causes battery to die prematurely, 2) marginal timing in Maxim 1-wire communication with DS18B20 probe, causing glitches in reported temperature. 

To valid this fix, we have been running eight Outdoor Probes with DS18B20, some of which are customer returns that experienced these problems,  inside a -20°C freezer at ~1 min record interval. Click here to view the live temperature data from these 8 probes. You should not see any glitch or missing data from around May 4.  

If you have received Outdoor Probe and are experiencing these problems when used inside freezer, please create a support ticket to request firmware update (the board needs to be sent back, we will email you a prepaid return shipping label). 

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