We have updated the Web interface and Android app to include the new "events view". Same update will appear in iOS app 2.1.12 and later when it gets released. 

Access this feature by clicking the coral/pink "Events" button or directly from https://mytaglist.com/eth/events.html if you are logged in. 

This view lists all events from all tags including motion, temperature too low/too high, humidity/moisture too low/too high and water detected/no longer detected in one place. Just like a twitter page, as you scroll down more and more older events are dynamically downloaded from server. 

Using the search/filter text box at the top of the page, you can quickly filter the results, for example if you only want to see moved events, type "moved". If you only want to see events from certain tags, type the first few letters of the tag's name. 

We realize a lot of our customers were running "Log every update" KumoApp just to get a report of all events from all tags in one place. We hope this new feature will meet these demands.

EDIT (6/24/14): in the current version iOS app 2.2.2 this event view is present, but its behavior is buggy. This will be fixed in app version 2.2.3. 

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