A new generation of wireless smart tags, "Wireless Sensor Tags" are available to purchase today from Shopify. All orders will be shipped within 48 hours. Compared with 1st generation which are now discontinued, we have made them much more useful for you:

  • The USB Tag Manager is replaced with a standalone "Ethernet Tag Manager." Plug it into wall and to your Internet modem, and the system will be available 24/7 to access from the Internet, or by using iPhone/iPad/Android apps, without the need of a PC at all. 
  • A new radio and antenna design increased wireless range by 2~3x. 
  • Lots of new features such as temperature monitoring, logging, complete smart phone/tablet Integration: instant notification by Apple Push or Google C2DM (like SMS but without messaging charge), Twitter, spoken tag name, associating image to each tag, message customization, arm/disarm scheduling, door statistics, and more. 
  • Each wireless tag now conserves more energy to make the battery last a lot longer.
  • All new free iPhone & iPad apps are available in AppStore.
  • All new free Android app is available in Google Play. (supports Android version 2.2 or higher)
  • The web interface is also greatly expanded to allow full access to all available features.

Visit the product website www.mytaglist.com for an introduction of this new generation. 

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