A new option "Buffer multiple temperature/humidity data points locally before updating" is being phased in to all of our products, starting from Outdoor Probe, Wireless Tag Pro & ALS.  This can be turned on and off at associate time or at "Special Options" (from the "More..." menu on iOS app or the chevron button under each tag from Web/Android interface.) When enabled, for example if you set logging interval to every 30 seconds, temperature (and humidity or brightness) is measured every 30 seconds, but radio transmitter is turned on only every 390 seconds to send 13 data points in each radio transmission.

As a result, when this option is enabled, you may not see the most recently measured temperature on the screen when you just opened the app, until you manually hit the update button. But the sensors would get a longer battery life at a given measurement interval because the radio transmitter, a major source of battery drain, is turned on much less often. Additionally, less radio congestion would allow more sensors/tags to be associated to a tag manager at a shorter logging interval. 

If you are using the sensor to just take periodic measurement to build a temperature log for example, this option is recommended. On the other hand, if you want to have the app always display the most recent temperature, please do not enable this option (This option is disabled by default). 


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