We are pleased to announce that External Power Sensor Basic is now fully restocked and ready for immediate shipment.  The currently out of stock Outdoor Probe Thermocouple which we get a lot of inquiry about, is also expected to be back in stock in about 1 month; we have secured a key TI chip for reading thermocouple that has been out of stock since the pandemic.

We have also expanded IFTTT Wireless Tag service.  An important new feature is the addition of "All of applicable tags" (in addition to "Any of my tags") from tag choices for a number of triggers such as "moved", "opened", "too hot/cold", "temperature back to normal", "too wet/dry", "humidity back to normal", "back in range", "water no longer detected", "water detected".  

With "Any of my tags" chosen, the trigger fires when any of the tags produces the event.  But with "All of applicable tags", the trigger fires when all other tags under the tag manager a tag (that will be in the ingredient of the trigger) belongs to, are also in the specified state. For example with "Temperature returns to normal" trigger, all tags that have temperature monitoring enabled must be in "normal temperature" state for the trigger to fire.   For example with "water no longer detected" trigger, all water/leak sensors under your tag manager must be in "no water detected" state for the trigger to fire.  This allows implementing some automations in IFTTT with a few clicks that would have required complicated coding using KumoApp scripts.  

We also expanded IFTTT query "current tag state" to include "IsTooCold", "IsTooHot", "IsTempNormal" along with other new ingredients to allow complete access of all tag properties in your IFTTT filter code.  


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