We are now shipping wireless sensor tags with improved firmware version 1.3. These tags are 100% compatible with the Ethernet Tag Managers you have. This firmware update improves reliability when the number of tags is large, and at low signal condition (signal level <-85dBm). It is expected to reduce the probability of the following issues happening due to low radio signal level:

  • False reporting that door/gate is open or closed, or open/closed event not reported.
  • A tag different from the tag moved reported to have moved.
  • Temperature exceeding threshold not reported. 
  • False reporting of re-established link from a tag that is known to be out-of-range. 

If you are experiencing the above issues frequently, and if you received your order before November 14, chances are you have the old 1.2 version firmware (You can also confirm this from tag version displayed on the web app, after temperature reading). We offer updating the 1.3 firmware to your tags free of charge, if you mail them (please send every tag you have) back to address below:

    Cao Gadgets, LLC
    RE: v1.3 update
    2 Welbury
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

 This update service is free without shipping charges even for international customers (will be sent using USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box), but we will not reimburse your cost for shipping to us. Please write your 4 digit order number (1xxx) from Shopify, address you want the updated tags to be send to (if different from your original order shipping address,) and the 12 digit tag manager serial number on your package. You can send an email to support@mytaglist.com to give us a heads-up you sent them back (optional). We will update the firmware, and send back your tags within 48 hours after we received them.

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