Thanks to our long range low power wireless technology, many of our customers install Wireless Tags inside medical and industrial fridges in hospitals and restaurants, ensuring food quality and safe-guarding valuable merchandise from spoilage. Temperature and humidity data are automatically logged centrally in cloud, satisfying HACCP reporting requirements. 

You can pull up the temperature, humidity, ambient light live reports from any web browser anywhere without installing any app. You can also add markers by pressing "M" key. You can click on the marker to assign/edit comments. 

Because the markers and comments are now stored in cloud along with the temperature data, they automatically appear on other computers, when you open the data using the shareable link you generate.  Anyone with the link can export it into a PDF or image, or download the raw data in CSV format to create a report to satisfy your country's regulatory requirements.  But only the logged in user with access to the tag can edit or delete the marker/comments by clicking on comment or the "X" circle. 


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