Today we are pleased to announce availability of a low-cost version of accelerometer-based tag, which has been out of stock for some time. Our customer has been saying it is perfect for detecting mail arriving at the mail box. 

It uses 3D accelerometer instead of 3D compass to sense motion and door open-close (works only on vertical door like garage door and mailbox lids). The benefits are

  • Immediate notification: The accelerometer measures acceleration many times a second resulting in virtually immediate notification.
  • Less false alarms: The accelerometer is not susceptible to electro-magnetic interference from nearby appliances turning on/off. This allows you to increase the sensitivity to detect small vibration, such as dryer running/not running, not possible with regular 3D compass based motion sensor tags. 
  • Two types of motion event: "Moved" and "Carried away": The tag can distinguish short vibration that lasts less than a second from longer movement lasting more than 2 seconds. 
  • The app now supports configuring measurement frequency from 1Hz to 400Hz to balance between detecting fast movement and battery life. 

This new product is based on the temperature-only standard Wireless Tag instead of Wireless Tag Pro like before. It focuses on detecting motion, and does not integrate high resolution temperature / humidity sensor nor on-board memory like the Pro. In return you get lower price and longer battery life due to the removal of components that are not core to your use-scenario: detecting mail arrival, washer/dryer done running, any kind of lid open/close, garage doors, and more! 

Available here for immediate shipment!


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