Today we have rolled out a significant database optimization to all of our servers, which in our tests, improves graph loading time by as much as 2x on Web, iOS and Android apps. You do NOT need to install any app update for this to take effect. Enjoy! 

We have been offering free unlimited cloud storage for logged temperature, humidity, lux, and motion data since we first introduced Wireless Sensor Tags in 2012.  As data gets older they are moved from faster SSD storage to slower / cheaper HDD storage. We have noticed, as the data we store gets larger and larger, the graph loading time is not as fast as it used to be. Part of the optimization involves eliminating accessing the HDD when the tag is newer and do not contain old data. After this optimization, the graph loading speed feels as fast as it has ever been. Let us know what you think by adding comment to this post.  

In addition, we have improved user experience when accessing graph from web browsers on mobile devices. You should notice some buttons that were used to be hidden by overlapped texts are now accessible. A series of bugs were fixed:  panning by finger now actually works like panning by shift + mouse drag on desktop PCs: it will load new data as you pan outside of already loaded data. The "View Daily graph" button now works. Vertical scroll now works (while horizontal scrolls pans the graph) to allow accessing buttons below the graph such as "Download CSV", "Zoom To" by entering start/end date. 

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