If you open more than 3~4 tabs of Wireless Tag Web interface (my.wirelesstag.net or mytaglist.com/eth depending on your tag manager) using Google Chrome or MS Edge (Chromium based) you may experience unusual slow loading.  This is due to Google Chrome limiting the number of "socket" to six per web site. There is no error message or status (the status message "waiting for available socket" is often times not displayed or visible), so you may have an impression our web site is very slow, while in reality it is not, as the slowness is not experienced on mobile apps or other non-Chromium based web browsers like Firefox and Safari on Macs. 

In order to provide the real time user experience of push notification and automatic update to the screen without relying on Google proprietary technologies such as Firebase, our web interface uses plain vanilla pending HTTP request (also known as "comet"), so it can work anywhere. There is no evidence that more than six pending HTTP requests would cause any adverse effect on your PC. In fact, until sometimes around 2020, Chrome did not impose this limitation. It sounds more like Google trying to force developers to use Firebase. 

To avoid above problems when using our Web interface, we recommend Firefox web browser, from Mozilla foundation, an independent organization not affiliated with "Big Tech", who has no hidden agenda except to keep the Internet free and open. 

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