We are pleased to announce that we are fully restocked of the Outdoor Probe Thermocouple.  In this year's new production batch, we updated the local memory hardware to the same non-volatile memory already production proven in our External Power Sensor.  This prevents loss of recorded temperature data when battery is removed during local recording or even during data upload. 

Unlike Outdoor Probe Basic, the thermocouple version contains high quality 16-bit internal temperature sensor from Texas Instruments, which not only provides "cold junction compensation" needed to read K-type thermocouple, but also an ambient temperature data stream when either the DS18B20 probe or k-type is attached, or when no probe is attached at all. 

K-type thermocouples allow logging and monitoring of -70°C and colder freezer, oven or dishwasher (e.g. 250°F and up) whose temperature would exceed the lower (-55°C) or upper (125°C) end of a regular DS18B20 probe. We have linked available low and high temperature K-type thermocouples in the product page

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