URL calling has been essential for integrating Wireless Tags with all kinds of things. While other companies increasingly make it harder for you to build integration with 3rd party products (everything from Nest discontinuing their "Works with Nest" API, Wemo dropping their UPnP API, to IFTTT limiting the number of free applet per user to 3), with our URL calling and open and straightforward web API, we are cutting out the middle man (like IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home) and putting complete control into your hands when it comes to integration. 

Since almost all 3rd party web services use OAuth2 with their API, it is important that URL calling supports HTTP Authorization header for the access token.  Until now, you could already put the access token in front of the URL like


for the system to send Authorization: Bearer [access_token], or


for HTTP Basic authentication. Also, the KumoApp.httpCallExternal has been supporting adding arbitrary HTTP request headers through the 4th argument.  However, these features were not very visible, most people probably did not know it. 

Today, the URL calling feature was extended to allow users to easily add a number of common HTTP request headers:

The Web API LoadEventURLConfig and SaveEventURLConfig were also updated to add the field "headers_json" to allow using scripts and other automated ways to configure these headers. 


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