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We have sold out all of our existing Tag Manager and will be shipping new Tag Manager hardware from orders received today. The lead time remains the same (no more than 7~10 days.) The new Tag Manager looks and will work exactly the same as the old one, and is 100% compatible with all existing Tags. It provides the following new features.

  • A better radio hardware for more reliable radio communication to tags and support of long range version Wireless Sensor Tags that will be released in Summer 2013. 
  • Due to temperature changes and aging, the crystal frequency in each Wireless Tag (old version) drifts. This prevents Tag Manager from using narrow receive bandwidth for long range. With the new tag manager the receive bandwidth can be programmed in several steps to achieve the best trade-off between robustness (against tag temperature change) and range. In narrower bandwidth modes, a "Calibrate Radio" button may appear when it detects frequency drift larger than the chosen receive bandwidth. Clicking this button to update frequency of each Tag to correct for the drift. If you set the Tag Manager to wide band mode (default) you will never see or have to use this button.
  • The hardware has capability to store up to 48 tag event transmissions (such as temperature update, motion events) locally while Internet connection is interrupted, and upload those to the Cloud server as soon as Internet connection is back. Each stored event will retain a time-stamp to indicate when it was actually received by the Tag Manager. 

We are now shipping moisture/water level sensor tag with firmware v1.4. It contains the following updates:

  1. v1.3 firmware had the problem of not able to reset out of "water detected" state unless manually do "reset states". This problem has been fixed.
  2. The tag writable flash memory is relocated to a "high endurance" region. This allows the tag flash memory to be wirelessly updated more than 100,000 times (v1.3 can update at least 1000 times). This is in preparation for our future version tag manager hardware which will allow continuous calibration of frequency offset caused by crystal drift when temperature changes. 

Like motion sensor tag v1.3 firmware update, if you are affected by above problem #1, please send the tag back to us for firmware update. We will perform the update and mail back within 3 business days. Please include your 4 digit order number on the package. Please send to:

Cao Gadgets LLC
Attn: Moisture Tag v1.4 update (Order #[Your 4 digit Shopify order number])
2 Welbury,
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


We are upgrading our cloud server to larger memory plan currently. During this time will be down. We do not expect this down time to last more than 1 hour. 


On Nov 29 from around 11:30AM PST to 3PM PST, The and web site experienced service interruption. After it was restored around 3PM PST, many out of range or re-established link message may have been sent to you. Please disregard these messages. We have now disabled the out of range notification by default, so that you do not get these messages unless you specifically configure in the option to have out-of-range and re-established link messages sent. 

We have since determined the cause of this web site crash and configured IIS setting to reduce the chance of this happening again in future. 


 iOS app 1.7 with bug fixes related to sound not played has been released a few days ago. Web/Android App have been updated with the following new features. 

  • Setting auto-update interval individually for each tag;
  • A button to delete statistics/log data; 
  • An option in motion sensor config for silent arming/disarming.

On the server side, a few days ago, we fixed a bug that caused tag to become automatically "moved" state every time after it is armed, requiring a reset followed by motion sensor arm.

We are now shipping wireless sensor tags with improved firmware version 1.3. These tags are 100% compatible with the Ethernet Tag Managers you have. This firmware update improves reliability when the number of tags is large, and at low signal condition (signal level <-85dBm). It is expected to reduce the probability of the following issues happening due to low radio signal level:

  • False reporting that door/gate is open or closed, or open/closed event not reported.
  • A tag different from the tag moved reported to have moved.
  • Temperature exceeding threshold not reported. 
  • False reporting of re-established link from a tag that is known to be out-of-range. 

If you are experiencing the above issues frequently, and if you received your order before November 14, chances are you have the old 1.2 version firmware (You can also confirm this from tag version displayed on the web app, after temperature reading). We offer updating the 1.3 firmware to your tags free of charge, if you mail them (please send every tag you have) back to address below:

    Cao Gadgets, LLC
    RE: v1.3 update
    2 Welbury
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

 This update service is free without shipping charges even for international customers (will be sent using USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box), but we will not reimburse your cost for shipping to us. Please write your 4 digit order number (1xxx) from Shopify, address you want the updated tags to be send to (if different from your original order shipping address,) and the 12 digit tag manager serial number on your package. You can send an email to to give us a heads-up you sent them back (optional). We will update the firmware, and send back your tags within 48 hours after we received them.


iOS app "Wireless Tag List" version 1.6.1 with crash bug fixed is processing for AppStore. Please allow 24 hours for it to show up in AppStore around the world. This version supports 4 inch screen iPhone5, multiple tag manager (tap on the tag manager name to switch), and also setting auto-ping interval differently for each tags (this feature is not yet available in the Web/Android app interface.) By setting different auto-ping interval for different tags, you can make battery last longer for some tags while collect temperature data at desired frequency from other tags.

We also submitted iOS app version 1.7 for review. This version will no longer support iOS 4.3 and below. iOS 5.0 or above is required. In exchange, it has smaller app size for faster loading time. 


The iOS app version 1.6 has a bug that crashes at account registration (it still works if one register an account from the web interface then logs in to that account). We already submitted a bug fixed version 1.6.1 to AppStore for review 4 days ago. It should appear around Nov 11. 

Unfortunately, the AppStore does not have capability to roll back to previous version when the latest version is approved by AppStore review staff. To prevent more user installing this faulty version of iOS app we have temporarily delisted the iOS app from AppStore until Nov. 11 when version 1.6.1 is expected to the approved. 


We have just finished transitioning and, which are our web service the tag managers connect to, to a larger capacity Cloud server ( at Rackspace. The DNS record may require 1 hour or more to update. Meanwhile the old server will connect to the database in the new server to allow seamless transition. If you have ever experienced any 503 service unavailable error before, then these will much improve with this transition. 

However, there may be unexpected glitch, bugs, or service interruption caused by this transition. Please report any issues to These will be fixed as soon as they are reported. 


As promised, today we released a preliminary API documentation together with annotated source code of our Web app to show how to use them. These are JSON AJAX methods and can be called from almost any language on any platform. 

Most API requires log-in to use. When you receive our products in a few weeks, you will be able to try these out. 


While waiting for Chinese customs to clear our DigiKey/Mouser IC component package (hopefully by Monday!) we placed some small quantity orders of components from local Shenzhen IC distributors. These will be enough to make 100 sensor tags for us to test reliability of this local distributor and fulfill some 20 back-orders. 

Meanwhile we have fully tested the URL calling feature, which now also lets user choose if server calls the URL or the Ethernet Tag Manager calls the URL. The latter option will work even if the URL is using a private local IP address (such as, etc), or the REST endpoint is behind a firewall. The latter option requires firmware update of the Ethernet Tag manager, so will not be available to customers (about 30) who already received our product. However, per request, we will update your firmware at no cost if you mail the Ethernet Tag Manager to us.  

Current sensor tags is under development and will be released by end of this year. This interests us immensely, imagine knowing how much electricity each appliance used each day, each month, and knowing at a glance, anywhere with Internet access, if each machine/equipment is on or off and how much electricity it is using. This tag will have a unique, custom designed transformer based 50/60Hz AC current sensor which attaches to a power outlet without physical contact (this will not be a series resistor type sensor which introduces power loss and reliability/safety concerns). No tools will be required for installation/removal.

We are also working hard to write a program to generate our JSON AJAX API document using .NET Reflection API, so any update in server side source code automatically updates the document. We recognize that having an open API is important not only for allowing advanced users to integrate our product into existing systems, but also to allow independent solution providers to develop apps for platforms not supported currently, such as Windows Phone. Our Android and iOS app is written entirely using these set of JSON AJAX API for which we will release SDK in the near future. 


 We buy the majority of our components in USA and ship to Shenzhen, China for PCB (printed circuit board) assembly. Small quantity (<4000 units) PCB assembly is a labor intensive process, because manual labor is needed to organize/sort/inventory hundreds of types of component in cut-tapes, which is why even PCB companies in US out-source PCB assembly to China. We are currently experiencing a little longer than expected Chinese Customs clearance time. Before, our shipment from USA clear Chinese customs in a few days, now it has been more than a week. There should be about 1 week delay from originally planned ship date. We will have to establish a different method of production to avoid going through Chinese customs in the future.

Calling custom URL on each type of event, and allowing user to download raw motion & temperature statistic data as Excel spreadsheet (CSV) have now been implemented and are available to our existing and future customers. The Web/android app user manual has been updated. 

Custom URL calling allows you to integrate our product with Web service (REST endpoint) enabled home automation systems such as Insteon/ISY by Universal Devices. For example, you can turn on a light when door is opened, or motion is detected. In another example, you can turn off every light at your home when a tag (that may be attached to your key chain) is out of range.


Due to the sudden coverage by, we are receiving a lot of orders in the past 24 hours. We have scrambled last night to order almost $10,000 worth of components from DigiKey and Mouser and will have them express shipped to our PCB assembly company. For this batch, the final shipping should be before mid-September. However. these components will only be able to cover about 75% of orders we received so far. For the other orders, the shipment is expected to be end of September ~ early October. We will send you a detailed timeline after you place your (pre-)order. 

Since we hand assemble and test every order we ship, our production capability is limited. Your orders will be  processed as carefully as any other orders we shipped so far, as we ramp up our production capability. Thank you for your orders and interest in this product. 


A new generation of wireless smart tags, "Wireless Sensor Tags" are available to purchase today from Shopify. All orders will be shipped within 48 hours. Compared with 1st generation which are now discontinued, we have made them much more useful for you:

  • The USB Tag Manager is replaced with a standalone "Ethernet Tag Manager." Plug it into wall and to your Internet modem, and the system will be available 24/7 to access from the Internet, or by using iPhone/iPad/Android apps, without the need of a PC at all. 
  • A new radio and antenna design increased wireless range by 2~3x. 
  • Lots of new features such as temperature monitoring, logging, complete smart phone/tablet Integration: instant notification by Apple Push or Google C2DM (like SMS but without messaging charge), Twitter, spoken tag name, associating image to each tag, message customization, arm/disarm scheduling, door statistics, and more. 
  • Each wireless tag now conserves more energy to make the battery last a lot longer.
  • All new free iPhone & iPad apps are available in AppStore.
  • All new free Android app is available in Google Play. (supports Android version 2.2 or higher)
  • The web interface is also greatly expanded to allow full access to all available features.

Visit the product website for an introduction of this new generation. 

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