We are putting KumoApp live today. If you used our iOS app, you may have wondered what the "Install KumoApps..." is for. The configuration interface for KumoApp has been implemented in the iOS app since last October.  "Kumo" (pronounced Koo-mo) means "cloud" in Japanese and "Kumostat" is our up-coming energy saving, Internet thermostat that will cost as little as the cheapest thermostat you can find (just like Wireless Sensor Tags is the cheapest Internet connected temperature sensor, thanks to our unique "Tag Manager" + "Cloud" architecture that moves hardware complexity to cloud where computing power is dirt-cheap). "Kumo-Sensors" are our high-end sensors with more accurate temperature and air humidity sensor + PIR or door/window designed to automate "Kumostat" to save energy and provide comfort. The adaptive, energy saving, and learning algorithms will all come from "KumoApp". 

While we are waiting to get the plastic casing for Kumostat and KumoSensors done (expect Q2 2014) so we can start shipping these new products, we are putting the KumoApp engine out for everyone with Wireless Sensor Tags to use. Currently, there is only 2 app (that does not require the Kumostat hardware) already written: "log every tag updates" and "log events from IFTTT". In the next few days, we will add more apps to show-case the capabilities of KumoApp engine, that will be useful even without Kumostat hardware.  You are welcome to write your own app today and test them out in your account. Show us your ideas and we will publish them for everyone to use. 

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