Based on customers feedback we are releasing a high-end variant of motion sensor tag with accurate temperature and humidity sensor. A lot of our customers were using sensor tags to monitor temperature, despite the fact our regular sensor tags were not designed for that purpose, and only had inaccurate analog temperature sensor. We realize that the ADC (analog-to-digital converter) and reference we use in a regular sensor tag randomly produce a glitch which causes false too hot/cold notification. While we made changes on the server side so it can filter out this glitch (when this glitch happens, the internal voltage reference reading will also suddenly be higher, so using this reading we can discard the glitch reading) without discarding the data when temperature jumps in reality, the new variant will resolve this problem completely. 

The new variant of motion sensor tags use high-end digital temperature/air humidity sensor, and are specially designed to take accurate temperature and air humidity logs and provide reliable notifications of too hot/cold/humid/dry. They do pretty much same or even better job as products like Netatmo Weather Station, with a lot more compact form factor and at much lower price, not to mention the extra features of a regular motion sensor tags (beep to locate, motion detection/logging). You can store unlimited amount of temperature/humidity data (for regular tags data older than 2 months are removed from server).

Check out a demo video showing the new graphing features in the latest version of our app. At 0:45 notice the difference between data captured by 13-bit variant (red) and by regular motion sensor tag with 8-bit temperature sensor (dark blue).

We are also transitioning to version 2.1 motion sensor tag firmware which provides hardware support for a new motion detection mode, in which they will transmit only at motion start and motion stop, i.e. when no motion is detected after a programmable timeout.)
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