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Oct 07 2014 | 0 comments

Since release of iOS 8, AppStore is taking much longer to review and release app updates. We have exciting new version of our iOS app waiting for review for more than 10 days. This version (2.3) contains

  • Many bug fixes, including fixing critical issue that freezes the app when trying to switch between multiple tag managers in iOS 8, and option popover window not showing up / causes app crash on iPads with iOS 8.
  • Ability to link WeMo switches and install KumoApps that automate WeMo using sensor events and data.
  • Styling update
  • Explanation (help text) of what each multiple-choice option does inside the app. 

iOS 8 introduces a new program called "Test Flight" which allows interested iTunes user to install new versions of apps still under review. To join, we just need to add your iTunes account email. If you want to try out our future version iOS app (that often contain critical bug fixes and exciting new features) please send an email to with title "Join Test Flight" and your iTunes account email in the body. The number of users we can add to Test Flight is limited so this will be provided while supply lasts.

UPDATE: Our latest app is already released on AppStore and we no longer need TestFlight to release bug fixes for iOS8 as of now. If you have the app installed from Test Flight, please uninstall it and re-install the latest version from AppStore

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