We are pleased to announce that now the stats graphs in Non-Android Web interface (i.e. for PC, Mac and other desktop users, Android app of course uses native OpenGL based code) are completely re-written using HighCharts 4.0 (used under commercial license) to rival the quality of graphing in our iOS and Android app. These stats graphs are accessed either from the blue "Stats" button or from "More..." -> "Temperature/Humidity Graph" button. 

Some Live Examples:
You will immediately notice the improved load speed and visualization thanks to the intelligent tool-tip. As you use mouse drag for zooming in and Shift key+mouse drag for panning, raw data point will be dynamically downloaded from server around the displayed region to maximize initial load time even when millions of data points are captured. If more than 60 days of data is displayed, the graph automatically enters a mode that displays the day's high and low temperature/humidity/battery voltage, similar to what the iOS and Android app graph is doing. You can also download the graph as PNG file, in addition to the CSV download capability. 

For motion/door stats, the chart will initially show the number of open or moved event per each hour. As you zoom in, the graph transitions to event type vs. time scatter plot to show the exact time (down to second) of each of the moved, opened, closed, detected or timed out event. 
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