While waiting for Chinese customs to clear our DigiKey/Mouser IC component package (hopefully by Monday!) we placed some small quantity orders of components from local Shenzhen IC distributors. These will be enough to make 100 sensor tags for us to test reliability of this local distributor and fulfill some 20 back-orders. 

Meanwhile we have fully tested the URL calling feature, which now also lets user choose if mytaglist.com server calls the URL or the Ethernet Tag Manager calls the URL. The latter option will work even if the URL is using a private local IP address (such as 192.168.0.xxx, etc), or the REST endpoint is behind a firewall. The latter option requires firmware update of the Ethernet Tag manager, so will not be available to customers (about 30) who already received our product. However, per request, we will update your firmware at no cost if you mail the Ethernet Tag Manager to us.  

Current sensor tags is under development and will be released by end of this year. This interests us immensely, imagine knowing how much electricity each appliance used each day, each month, and knowing at a glance, anywhere with Internet access, if each machine/equipment is on or off and how much electricity it is using. This tag will have a unique, custom designed transformer based 50/60Hz AC current sensor which attaches to a power outlet without physical contact (this will not be a series resistor type sensor which introduces power loss and reliability/safety concerns). No tools will be required for installation/removal.

We are also working hard to write a program to generate our JSON AJAX API document using .NET Reflection API, so any update in server side source code automatically updates the document. We recognize that having an open API is important not only for allowing advanced users to integrate our product into existing systems, but also to allow independent solution providers to develop apps for platforms not supported currently, such as Windows Phone. Our Android and iOS app is written entirely using these set of JSON AJAX API for which we will release SDK in the near future. 

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