We have been using FreshDesk, an online ticket system to manage technical support requests for the last few years. Neither our customers nor our support staff were really happy about it:

  • It has no SPAM filter or ways to report SPAM emails, and we now get 2~3 times more SPAM emails than emails from customers
  • It has its own user account system separate from my.wirelesstag.net app account, which is not only confusing to our customers, but also forces our support staff asking for customer's account info in order to check their Tag setup.  
  • It requires cumbersome account email verification for everyone, which cannot be disabled despite many requests from other FreshDesk users wanting to disable it. This results in many customers not able to login to the system to view existing tickets.
  • It does not allow customers to search from FAQ or Knowledge Base first before submitting ticket. This results in our support staff having have to answer same questions repeatedly, and a drop in overall productivity in handling unique, valid customer requests.
  • It is too complicated with too many useless features; making it slow and inefficient to use.

We are finally fed up and developed our own integrated customer support portal: https://mytaglist.com/support or https://my.wirelesstag.net/support (the correct one will be automatically chosen after you login).You can also access the portal from web interface by clicking on the "i" button on the bottom right corner. Now, only our real customers can create tickets. We automatically get info about your Tag setup from account associated with each ticket. The system also allows us to build Knowledge Base from past tickets so as our support staff resolves problems for a customer, future customers with the same issues automatically benefit. When we developed the system, like our other products, we tried hard to keep everything very concise and simple, which should greatly enhance our customer support productivity. 

You will only get emails when we reply to your ticket. You can add links to the comments, so if you need to attach a screenshot, please upload it to Google Drives etc. then include the URL.  

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